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Information about HP DLT 4000S

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Steffen Pelzetter
Frequent Advisor

Information about HP DLT 4000S


I've bought a used HP DLT 4000 S external SCSI streamer.

The streamer cames without any cable and manual.

I want it to connect it to my server's adaptec 2940 UW SCSI card, but I don't know what cable I have to use (there are really to many kind of ports for external scsi).

I also would like to have a manual, drivers (may be included in windows) and new firmware for that device, but I couldn't find it on HP's support pages.

I have a 14 day give back warranty for that device, so I wnat to get tested it before the warranty has finished.
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Information about HP DLT 4000S

Hi Steffen,

It is SE SCSI, so you need a SE adapter.

The cable is normally 68P/50P SCSI cable

I hope you find an SE SCSI adapter

See also this thread.

Re: Information about HP DLT 4000S

Hi Steffen,

you can connect your external DLT drive to Adaptec 2940UW with HD68/HD50 external cable.
Don't forget to SCSI Terninator (HD68 connector). You have to use the terminator to end of SCSI BUS.

If you can't find manual and last firmware, you should visit Quantum web site. It's same tape drive.

Steffen Pelzetter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Information about HP DLT 4000S

Thank you for your quick response.

That's exactly the information I was lokking for.