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Re: Install additional E1200-320

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Install additional E1200-320

I currently have 2 MSL6060 librarys each with 4 drives and 2 E1200 controller cards each. I want to upgrade the libraries to 4 E1200 cards each. The problem is that the Newer library ($ x LTO4) already has 2 E1200-320 cards but the older library (3 x LTO2 and 1 x LTO3) has 2 E1200-160 cards.

My question is can i mix the E1200-160 cards in the old library with the E1200-320 cards so that i will have 2 of each?

Is this supported as all you can seem to buy these days is the 320 versions
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Re: Install additional E1200-320

The E1200-160 has 1/2 GB fibre channel and SCSI 160, the E1200-320 has 4GB FC and SCSI 320.
Because the speed of both interfaces (FC and SCSI) has doubled, I don't see any reason why you want to have both (old and new) router installed. Why not just pull the older and replace by the newer?

Hope this helps!

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