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Installation of EML-E And SAN systems


Installation of EML-E And SAN systems


Our infra structure contain the following:

EVA 4400 SAN

EML-E with two LTO 5

As I know both systems are integrated together and I did some google to find the manual for the deployment but couldn’t find any

I want to connect both systems to a Physical server with windows server 2008 R2 SP1 Installed

But can’t find the drivers for these systems online is there a guide or help files to do this?

or Can i use the library on its Own With out connecting the SAN ? "ByPassing SAN System" ?

I haven’t done this before that’s why I’m asking also I have tried to call some expert to that for me but unfortunately we are facing a financial crises now days and I have to do this on my own

Any help Or Idea?