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Installed Disk Array, SDLT throughput dropped

Scott Minter
Occasional Advisor

Installed Disk Array, SDLT throughput dropped

I have a SDLT 110/220 drive attached to the GSP card on an L2000 (rp5450). It is functioning correctly, but much slower.

I installed an additional 4GB of memory, an A6828A ultra-160 card (in slot 10 turbo slot), and attached a raid array. I did not put any data on the raid array, just powered it up.

Now my backup which was taking 5 hours is taking 8 hours.

The backup still finishes. I can't find any errors, the backup is just slower.

Which hardware could be causing the slowdown - the memory addition or the ultra SCSI card and disk?

Since the Tape and disk are on different controllers could they be affecting each other?