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Installing an LTO5 in a HP ESL9326.. almost there, need ACI 4.1 0x04 spec

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Installing an LTO5 in a HP ESL9326.. almost there, need ACI 4.1 0x04 spec


I'm hoping someone may have some interest or information that can help me out.  To say it right off, I'm doing something that's totally unsupported and really just for fun.  However, other people might have interest in this too. 

Background info: In the interest of reviving an old library, I decided to see if I could install an LTO5 drive, when the last drive supported was an LTO3.  So, I intercepted the RS422 serial line with 2 RS422 adapters (one going to drive and one going to library) and wrote a perl script to change the packets as needed so it thinks it has an LTO3 drive.  It loads and unloads and moves the tapes around perfectly, which I thought it would since the drive is physically pretty much the same.  So in that respect, it was a success, and really quite easy to do.

Now for the part that is kicking me, is that this library only had parallel SCSI and only supports ACI 4.0.  Since this drive is an FC it wants an ACI 4.1 Set Drive Config command.  It apparantely is quite different.  I can get a glimpse of how it's supposed to look by issuing an 0x05 Get Drive Config and then trying ot build an 0x04 command off that, but I am getting an 040c error which means "command parameter is out of bounds" no matter what I try to do when blindly making up my own 0x04 command.. 

Getting a proper 0x04 command to the drive is critical because otherwise there is no way to turn on the FC interface to make the drive usable!  So, I'm hoping maybe someone knows the proper 0x04 command for FC drives or has something newer than the T10 document 02-011r0 that supplies the ACI 4.0 spec.  I've seen lots of mention of the "Ultrium Automation Cookbook" but I can't seem to find this anywhere.