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Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)

Henning Ankarudd
Occasional Visitor

Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)

Hi all!

I've got problem with HP SureStore C7200 configured with 40 slots and 3 LTO tape drives. I'm using Veritas Netbackup 3.4.1GA with one Master and three media servers, One of the media servers is located in a Windows 2000 Cluster. I often get DOWN-LTO drives and unusuable storageunits when I check the eventlog in webmanagment for the library i got a lot of "Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)" I'm using the latest drivers from Veritas and also the latest firmware on both drives and library controler and I have verified that Removable Storage is disabled for those drives.

I would be happy if anyone could give me a tip on whats going on.

Thanks Henning Ankarudd
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)

> ... the eventlog in webmanagment for the library i got a lot of "Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)"

See this related posting, and reply by Curtis:,,0x6c471aca6930d611abd50090277a778c,00.html

In summary: "The problem with the invalid command attempted warning is that there is a bug in Backup Exec and it is sending a vendor unique command that is for a non-HP library".

This is a tapealert flag, which indicates the host sent an unsupported command. Some apps are written to handle many different products, and may choose to attempt commands a specific library doesn't support. That is most likely the case here.

I don't think this event is the reason you have LTO drives being DOWNed.
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Henning Ankarudd
Occasional Visitor

Re: Invalid Library Operation Attempted (25)

Thanks, any id??a why I got the down's?