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Issues with DLT7000 and TTL

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Issues with DLT7000 and TTL

recently I updated my Compaq TH6EA-HK to firmware V109/CPQ-1 and since then the write-protected light became always on whenever a tape is loaded. I have tried to go back to the previous V097 but I cannot since the selectable says downgrading, need password, and I do not know where to add/find said password.

No other frm works since they are all marked as wrong personality.

Can anyone help me please??
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Re: Issues with DLT7000 and TTL

Are you asking about LTT (library and tape tools)?

Please tell me the use of a password if you can find it anywhere on the internet?

You have to call HP support. They can give you a temp password to enable the FW downgrade. You should also consider to ask them about your problem.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Issues with DLT7000 and TTL

Refer to :

The L&TT team maintains a mailbox for all tool queries. Please send us your questions via email to

You should get the temporary password from the LTT team.