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Re: Job media properties

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Hans V
New Member

Job media properties

I created a full backup job with a custom rotation set:
1 set for daily (monday, tuesday,wednesday, thursday)
1 set for weekly (runs on Friday)
1 set for monthly (eleven months)runs on last day of month
1 set for yearly, runs last day of year

In the backup job properties, device and media I only see that rotation set Monday is set as media to be used, should I add all other sets there as well?
It's so confusing...
In the schedule I see that next rotation set is Tuesday which is correct, but shouldn't it be also in the device and media to be used screen ?
I'll add some screenshots..
Can someone please have a look ?

D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: Job media properties

You didn't need to add them but it shouldn't hurt anything. One of the wierdnesses of Data Protector Express is that the device and media page only shows one example day.

Hans V
New Member

Re: Job media properties

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply.
Ok, I'll leave them out (I removed all other media except the one for the current day)
Should be ok then..
Weird that this is not better explained somewhere in helpfile.
Cheers !