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L&TT Debian Command Line problems

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L&TT Debian Command Line problems

would anyone be interested in helping identify some problems with L&TT in debian?

I have used alien to convert the rpm package to a deb file, and installation appears fine.
In normal manual mode (called CSI) everything appears to be working fine but I am having great problems with the command line mode.
Perhaps their are other dependencies required etc.

Any chance of HP supporting L&TT on debian directly?

Following instruction in the maual here is an overview:
Tried V4.10 & V4.11
Kernel: from Knoppix

These commands work:
./hp_ltt -f settings iohistory=disable dirpath="/root"

./hp_ltt -f scan iohistory=disable dirpath="/root"

I get:

hp_ltt -f test p=20.6.0[2-/dev/sg1]testname="Device Self Test" dirpath="/root"
toolactivity.log gives:
Test result detail status: Test execution completed successfully.See the ResultLog.ltt file in the /root/logs_one directory for run details.

hp_ltt -f test p=20.6.0[2-/dev/sg1] testname="Device Analysis" dirpath="/root"

These commands do not work:
./hp_ltt -f test p=20.6.0[2-/dev/sg1] testname="Connectivity Test" dirpath="/root"

toolactivity.log gives:
-f test p=20.6.0[2-/dev/sg1] testname="Connectivity Test" dirpath=/root instname=one
Invalid test specified. Tool will exit.

hp_ltt -f test p='20.6.0[2-/dev/sg1]' testname='DLT Drive Assessment Test' iohistory=disable testopt="Allow Overwrite:true" testopt="ignore cleaning requests:true" dirpath="/root" instname=one

toolactivity.log gives:
Test result detail status: Test execution completed with some failures.See the ResultLog.ltt file in the /root/logs_one directory for run details.

Here is a summary of ResultLog.ltt:
DLT Drive Assessment Test, script version V01.06.2005 1252
There is currently a tape in the drive. Please unload the drive from the library/autoloader using the front panel, then press ENTER. 1252
The operator ended the test 1252
Total test time\ 0 seconds
ErrorCount 1 WarningCount 0 TestID 128 TestComplete 0x2 NTFErrorCode 0x100 1252

Running the same tests from normal interactive mode works fine, merely running ./hp_ltt

I'll stop here for now but happy to supply any further info.

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Re: L&TT Debian Command Line problems

Hello Will,

The Debian version is not supported and the only versions supported have their download links as per the following page ::
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Re: L&TT Debian Command Line problems

Hello & tahnks for your reply.
I understand that debian is not actually supported but if you look here, you can see what got me interested -

Linux RedHat Linux 7.0 L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 7.1 L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 7.2 L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 7.3 L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 8.0 L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 9.0 Current
RedHat Linux 2.1 AS (ia64) L&TT 4.2
RedHat Linux 4 (Updates 7 and 8) Current
RH 3.0 (x86, x86_64, ia64) Current
RH 4.0 (x86, x86_64, ia64) Current
RH 5.0 (x86, x86_64, ia64) (Update 3) Current
SuSE SLES 9 (x86, x86_64) Current
SuSE SLES 10 (x86, x86_64, ia64) Current
Fedora Linux Not supported
Debian Linux Current

I have contacted HP L&TT support to ask whether they are interested. There are a lot of debian users around.


Richard Bickers
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Re: L&TT Debian Command Line problems

We don't officially support Debian but we do use it internally and so it should work OK.

We don't officially support it because each OS we do support requires a lot of testing and we have to draw the line somewhere.

We'll take a look at the error messages you're getting and see if there's anything obvious. A quick glance actaully just shows normal user messages but we'll go through it in a bit more detail.

Also note that some tests are interactive and therefore don't work in CLF mode. That should be in the user guide though it's probably not very clear.

Thanks for the feedback. We're going to have to remove Debian from our official list (that was a mistake) but, in theory, it should work...

Richard (LTT PM).
It's more interesting when it's gone wrong