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L&TT on Netware 6.0 SP2

Occasional Contributor

L&TT on Netware 6.0 SP2

I'm trying to set up L&TT on Netware 6.0 SP2; I copy the folder HP_LLT to SYS:\SYSTEM\HP_LTT
and try to load hp_ltt.nlm but the program is not started; If I check with the command

modules hp_ltt.nlm

i receive no loaded modules

Please help
Gilles Cadrin
Trusted Contributor

Re: L&TT on Netware 6.0 SP2

Stupid question :

Since the default search path ar c:\nwserver and sys:\system ... Did you add a search drive to sys:\system\hp_ltt ?

Do a search add sys:\system\hp_ltt at the console prompt ...

To see a list of search path simply type search ...

If you get a public symbol error let me know what is the public symbol ( Please respect the case ) it will be under the screen 2 ( Logger screen ) ...

Best regards

Occasional Contributor

Re: L&TT on Netware 6.0 SP2


As you said i added the search path and i tried to load the module; below you'll find the console message and the logger screen message

system console

TECH_INFO:load sys:system\hp_ltt\hp_ltt.nlm
Loading Module HP_LTT.NLM [ OK ]


logger console

Loading module HP_LTT.NLM
HP Library & Tape Tools for NetWare
Version 3.01a May 19, 2004
(C) 2000-2002 Hewlett-Packard Company
Module HP_LTT.NLM load status OK

The problem is that I still can not load hp_ltt