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L20/700 with Solaris 8

Occasional Contributor

L20/700 with Solaris 8

We are trying to connect L20/700 with Solaris 8 machine via Fibre-Bridge. From Solaris 8's dev/rmt directory, it can see the devices and their corresponding WWN. However, when we try access it (via mt command), it reports no such device.

Not sure if it will matter, but when I dig for the solution, I've from matrix and online manual that Bridge FC 4/1 HV (A4688A) will only support 20/700 with DLT & 9800 drives, while Bridge FC 2/1 LV (A4689A) will support 20/700 with LTO drives. We are having FC 4/1 HV and our drives are LTO. Anyone know if this will cause the problem?



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