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Re: LTFS Ultrium 6250 - Cartridge Repair Needed

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LTFS Ultrium 6250 - Cartridge Repair Needed


I have HP LTO-6 Ultrium 6250. I wrote data on tape and after few days tried to use this same tape. When I put this tape into drive, it doesn't work. On the label of tape is written "Cartridge Repair Needed".  

I used deep recovery from ltfs configurator but it didn't solve the problem. Tape is unreadable. Here is log:

LTFS16000I Starting ltfsck, HP StoreOpen Standalone version 2.3.0, log level 2
LTFS16088I Launched by "ltfsck -z -f TAPE0"
LTFS16089I This binary is built for Windows
LTFS16090I GCC version is 4.7.2
LTFS17087I Kernel version: Windows
LTFS17085I Plugin: Loading "ltotape_win" driver
LTFS20013I Drive type is HP LTO6, serial number is HUJ4210EDN
LTFS17160I Maximum device block size is 524288
LTFS16014I Checking LTFS file system on 'TAPE0'
LTFS16023I LTFS volume information:
LTFS16024I Volser (bar code) :       
LTFS16025I Volume UUID     : 405a289f-c7b4-4214-b29a-43a85dbe3609
LTFS16026I Format time     : 2016-03-13 10:19:07.000321000    
LTFS16027I Block size      : 524288
LTFS16028I Compression     : Enabled
LTFS16029I Index partition : ID = a, SCSI Partition = 0
LTFS16030I Data partition  : ID = b, SCSI Partition = 1
LTFS17161I EOD information (IP) is corrupted
LTFS17162I Trying a simple recovery that requires several minutes to complete
LTFS20064E Locate failed (-1)
LTFS20076I Triggering drive diagnostic dump
LTFS20096I Diagnostic dump complete
LTFS12039E Cannot seek EOD: backend locate call failed (-1)
LTFS17139I Starting a deep recovery operation: missing EOD
LTFS17143I EOD of IP(0) is missing
LTFS17111I The MAM was written by PGA2 or later
LTFS17113I Starting EOD recovery: reading an index from (0, 4)
LTFS20064E Locate failed (-1)
LTFS20076I Triggering drive diagnostic dump
LTFS20096I Diagnostic dump complete
LTFS12037E Cannot seek: backend call failed (-1)
LTFS16091E Cannot recover missing EOD (-1)
LTFS20076I Triggering drive diagnostic dump
LTFS20096I Diagnostic dump complete
Can someone help with solving this problem?
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Re: LTFS Ultrium 6250 - Cartridge Repair Needed

Same Here any solution found


Re: LTFS Ultrium 6250 - Cartridge Repair Needed

A missing EOD usually means that there was a power failure while the drive was writing data.  It can be hard to recover from that but usually it is possible.  The 'Deep Recovery' is the best automated tool available today.

I spoke with the engineering team and they said that it is hard to speculate on what the problem might be.  It is possible that some recovery action before running deep recovery caused further damage to the tape but that is just a guess.

The team would be interested in looking into this a bit further.  If you can send your contact information to the email address in the HPE StoreOpen User's Guide,, with a message stating that I (my user name) asked you to send them your contact information and request that the team forward your email to me, they will get the message to me and I can get your contact information over to the right person in the LTFS team.  Please reference this forum posting in your email.  I'll notify the team to watch for your email and they'll watch for a couple of weeks.  I see two people seem to have similar problems so I'll tell them that there may be a couple of requests.  As a normal rule that type of request does not get forwarded so anybody reading this in the future will need to create a new forum thread.

I don't know if they will be able to do anything to help but we want to make certain that any issues like this are understood so we can do everything possible to prevent them.

I work for HPE

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