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LTO 4 Firmware Rev's

Occasional Advisor

LTO 4 Firmware Rev's

Hi Guys, can you mix LTO 4 drives in the same partition with different Firmware Rev's ie
I have a mix at k48W & one or two at L67W. I'm getting drive timeouts on the L67W ones, so wondered if this could be the cause?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: LTO 4 Firmware Rev's

I do not know which partition you speak about, but as each drive work alone, there is no reason why differents FW versions could impact the operation.

but here you have another problem
In your question you are mixing drives from the EML and ESLe

this may be the problem, did you swapped some drive from his shoes???

K48W is for EMLe and is LTO2
L67W is for ESLe and is LTO3