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LTO-5 maximum mounts / loads of tape media

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LTO-5 maximum mounts / loads of tape media



We are currently using  a Robotic Library with HP LTO-5 Ultrium tapes. During the last 5 years we have LTO-5 tapes with lots of mounts, (up to 15000) and I am wondering if the mounts of an LTO-5 tape jeopardizes its data integrity.  What I am asking is if the LTO-5 Ultrium tapes have a maximum number of “passes – mounts” that after that limit the integrity of the tape is strongly questioned. Also I would like to know how many years  is the archival storage of LTO-5 tape.


Is there any technical documents that describes these values like the following link describes it for LTO Ultrium 100/200 GB.


“Designed for the demanding environment of large-scale libraries, Ultrium 400 GB media is certified for 1 million passes or 260 full back ups and has a 30 year archival storage life”


Thank you in advance.