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Re: LTO-6 Ultrium problems

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LTO-6 Ultrium problems

Hi everyone,


I have the product mentioned above and recently when I try to copy files from the already backed-up materials on the tapes to  a hard drive, the export process doesn't finish and the file is unusable.

I get that message says sindows could not copy the file.




Sometimes, from various reasons tapes gets corrupted.

It could be from computer shutdown or other reasons.


When I try to open corrupted tapes, the machine keeps making noises, but this could be for hours and nothing happens.

Is there a way to save these tapes for future use?

Thank you all!

Dennis Handly
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Re: LTO-6 Ultrium problems

>Is there a way to save these tapes for future use?


To get the data off the tapes?  Or to scratch them?

What software did you use to create the tapes?

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Re: LTO-6 Ultrium problems



If the tapes were stopped by computer shutdown or any similar reason, I can't scratch the tapes at all.

In the first case- I can scratch the tapes, but can't get the data off the tapes.


I am using HP LTFS software.


Any ideas?