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Re: LTO 7 - Data Rate Matching

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LTO 7 - Data Rate Matching

I recently just purchased a MSL2024 with a LTO7 SAS drive. I can't find any documentation anywhere that states what the Data Rate Matching - ATS data transfer rate range (native) is. For LTO 6 it was 54 to 160MB/s. I saw on the IBM wesbite for their drives its 100 - 300MB/s.

Our system is hooked up to an Editshare XStream ST server, which has the ability to pass around 500MB/s, but when doing backups I tend to be able to only get around 180MB/s, and for reads I get from 180-210MB/s.

I'm assuming these speeds will be the zone to allow Data Rate Matching to occur and therefore not shoe shine the drives. But annoyingly can't find any info out there from HP.

I'm also investigating why I can't reach higher speeds from the system. But that may be on the editshare side of things.

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Re: LTO 7 - Data Rate Matching


Hoping you have purchased LTO 7 Ultrium 15000 SAS Tape Drive

The Maximum ATS data transfer rate range ( native ) is 101 to 300 MB/s

The below guide Page 4 has the table you are looking for

Please note : the data write/read speed also depends on many factors including Host capability, HBA port speed, cable quality used, backups software settings, type of data been backed up and many more.


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Re: LTO 7 - Data Rate Matching

Well long story short, I did purchase the wrong drive and went through a saga to return it and get the right drive :)

But yup now all operating with the correct drive. Thanks for the info, I have received more info back from our hardware raid supplier and they informed me with the file types were moving, 180-200MB/s is what we should expect to see.

At least I know its not shoe shining based off the HP specs!