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LTO Tape ejects while restarting Windows

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LTO Tape ejects while restarting Windows

Hello together

I hope that somebody can help me.

If I restart our Windows Server 2012 R2, the tape gets ejected.

The backup runs on a physical server with backup exec and writes to a LTO-Ultrium 5 Drive.

Any suggestions or ideas, what it can be?

Thanks in advance



Re: LTO Tape ejects while restarting Windows


A tape can be ejected only by a manual intervention either from OCP / RMI or a backup software if a part of the library or using manual eject button else back up software is the only guy to instruct the tape drive to eject the tape .

However have some questions on the Tape Drive that is used .

1. Is the tape drive a part of library or is it standalone/Internal to the server .

2. We need to check if there are any configuration from the back software itself that is making the drive to eject the tapes after windows reboot . Inorder to isolate this we can try to change the startup type of the backup services to "manual" before the reboot and monitor if the reboot of the windows forces the tape to eject .


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