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LTO Ultrium Tape Drive Speed.

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LTO Ultrium Tape Drive Speed.

Hi All,

Please let me know how Ultrium 230 Tape Drive can store 200 GB compressed data on a single tape with the speed of upto 30MB/S

How I can achive 108 GB Per Hour Backup Speed.

Is I have to use any external tool. Like HP-Omni Backup or Veritas Backup etc..

I want to use this tape drive with the SUN enterprise 450 Server.


Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: LTO Ultrium Tape Drive Speed.


The Ultrium 1 media capacity is 100GB native 200GB compressed (2-1) compression ratio). What actually will fit on a media when using hardware compression depends on your data but, in general 2-1 ratio is a good estimate.

The backup speed depends on the hardware (disk system, CPU speed, SCSI-interface), the backup tool and the data structure (average filesize, number of files). It is not necessary to use a 3-party backup tool but for best performance and management it is recommended. OmniBack/Data Protector is a good alternative, other is Veritas Netbackup, Legato Networker or TSM.

To get best performance:

- Use a fast disksystem (striped disks or hardware disk array).
- Al least Ultra 2 SCSI, only one drive on each bus.
- Don't expect high performance if backing up millions of small files (unless you use rawdisk backup)

Abdul Salam H S_2
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Re: LTO Ultrium Tape Drive Speed.

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