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LTO Ultrium compression logs

Jose M. del Rio
Frequent Advisor

LTO Ultrium compression logs

I’m looking for a way to query the compression logs of a LTO Ultrium drive:
- (uncompressed) bytes received
- (compressed) bytes written to tape
- compression ratio achieved.

My research so far:
- in the past I used ddsinfo (for DDS) and tapeinfo (for DLT) but I haven’t found such a tool for LTO
- I have tried hptapeperf: it makes a predefined performance test and gives you the resulting compression ratio (not exactly what I’m looking for)
- STM gives you the compression ratio so far (as stored, I guess, in the drivers’s compression logs)
- TapeTool does allow you to view the compression logs (by generating a support ticket).

The latter would do the trick but I’m looking for:
- a simpler way (a standalone utility, much in the way of ddsdinfo-tapeinfo)
- if possible, including the ability to clear the compression logs (as ddsinfo-tapeinfo do).

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
aleks mindlin
Frequent Advisor

Re: LTO Ultrium compression logs

HP LTT has LTO compression test available.