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LTO cartridge labelling

Fedon Kadifeli
Super Advisor

LTO cartridge labelling

We recently installed a new LTO library. LTO cartridges came with pre-coded barcode labels (like A00000L2, A00001L2, ...). However I need a way to label cartridges like this: SUN101, MON201, TUE101 etc. In our old DLT cartridges it was easy to print a label (using a barcode font in MS Word) on an ordinary paper, cut the labels and insert them into the slots of the DLT cartridges. However, on LTO cartridges there is no slot to insert a custom made label, you have to apply (=stick) special pre-printed labels. There is also no other place on the cartridge to insert descriptive labels (like "Sunday dr#1 bs#1") meaningful for the operators.

The only solution to me, is to use these "meaningless" labels (like A00000L2, A00001L2, ...) and to correlate the cartridges with their labels by sticking a label like "cartridge with barcode A00000L2 is for Sunday dr#1 bs#1" ON THE JEWEL CASE and to instruct the operators to always put the cartridges into their own jewel cases.

Do you have any other suggestions?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: LTO cartridge labelling

It looks like the type of media (L2) is encoded in the barcode. Please do not create any labels and glue them on any other place at the cartridge.
Scott McIntosh_2
Honored Contributor

Re: LTO cartridge labelling

Well, you could just buy media with the barcodes you want (prelabeled media):

I'm almost certain you could buy customized barcode sequences out there, or buy label stock and print your own.

Yes, the only place you are allowed to affix anything to an LTO cart is that "label space" where the barcode goes.

If you are looking to print your own, here's more than you really should want to know about LTO barcodes:

HP Support

Re: LTO cartridge labelling

You might want to have a look at those two SourceForge projects:

Wendy Anderson_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: LTO cartridge labelling

I can help...My company prints custom barcode labels for tape cartridges. You can specify any sequence or color scheme.

Here is a link to my contact page if you are intersted.....