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LTO2 Tape Array module (HP Ultrium 460)

Leon Shen
Frequent Advisor

LTO2 Tape Array module (HP Ultrium 460)

Hi Experts,

Currently Customer has a HP SureStore Tape Array 5300 (factory) with
> SureStore Ultrium 230 Array Module

> SCSI Cable 2.5n VHDTS68/HDTS68M/M Multi

> SCSI Terminator LVD/SE HDTS68 Multimd

and now want replaced with LTO Tape Array module (HP Ultrium 460). I have 2 questions to ask

1) H/W : Is any problem to replace HP Ultrium460
2) S/W : Is there any change/reconfig of Data Protector to be done when we change the Ultrium230 to Ultrium460 in the Array5300.

Best regards
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: LTO2 Tape Array module (HP Ultrium 460)


Replacing the tape drive is no problem

DP will use the Ultrium2 drive without any changes, but is best to buy LTO2 tapes as well and format them in DP of course.

best regards,