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LTO2 to LTO3 in MSL6060

Leonard Thng
Frequent Advisor

LTO2 to LTO3 in MSL6060


Is it possible to upgrade my LTO2 drives in my MSL6060 to LTO3 drives?

Is there anything to take note when i do the upgrade, e.g backup software, any additional hardware to be replaced in MSL??

Please advice. Thanks.

Wei Jung
Trusted Contributor

Re: LTO2 to LTO3 in MSL6060

The cabling will be different due to a known issue terminating the controller, just take this advisory in consideration.

This applies only for MSL5000 and MSL6000 series with LTO3 drives, the ones with LTO1 and LTO2 are not affected.

The rest should be pretty much the same, magazines and all will remain the same.