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LTT TUR test

Dennis Chng
Occasional Visitor

LTT TUR test

Hi LTT team,

I have a query and need your advice on the LTT test. Is there any TUR testing in LTT test? TUR means 'Take Up Reel' in the tape drive.

Richard Bickers
Trusted Contributor

Re: LTT TUR test

Hi Dennis.

Do you have a particular tape drive in mind and a specific issue you're trying to solve?

Are you refering to a particular test? There are a number of different tests available for tape drives. We always advise customers to use the 'Drive Assessment test' as this gives the most comprehensive test for checking the drive is working OK.

The take up reel is controlled within the tape drive and typically if there are any issues during load/unload or normal operation, these are logged within the drive. LTT reads these logs and analyses them as part of its 'device analysis' test and includes any issues found in it's output. The different drive technologies have different levels of detail in this area.

There isn't a specific test in LTT that focusses on the take up reel.

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David Ruska
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Re: LTT TUR test

The acronym TUR is often used to refer to "Test Unit Ready", one of the basic SCSI commands supported by all SCSI devices. The LTT support ticket for any device will include the TUR status. It is usually good if the device is functional and ready for operation. In the case of a tape drive, the drive will report "not ready" if there is no media loaded. If the device has a power-on self test error, that is typically reported as TUR error as well.

If you are referring to the take up reel, then see Richard's reply.
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