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LTT fails to find all library drives for MSL6000

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LTT fails to find all library drives for MSL6000

Receive error about failing to find all library drives for at least one library when scan is performed.
After, it sees the MSL6000 (Address: 3/0.1.1), and Drive 1 and 2(Address: 3/0.1.2 and 3/0.1.0), but Drive 3 and 4 don't appear, or come up as unknown. OS is Windows 2003 Standard x64. Opening LTT on our old backup server sees all four drives, and current backups are working normally, so I don't think it's a configuration issue on the drives.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: LTT fails to find all library drives for MSL6000

This message doesn't always mean that there is a problem, only that L&TT isn't able to access everything.

It is possible that an application has locked the two drives that L&TT can't communicate with. If you backup application is able to use those drives then there may not be an issue. If L&TT can't access the drives even when the backup services are disabled then you may have another application on the server locking the drives. RSM on Windows is really bad at grabbing all of the drives and locking them. Most ISV's can work through RSM but I haven't found any that recommend running that way.