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LTT firmware downgrade password required

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LTT firmware downgrade password required

I am using HP LTT 4.2SR1a. I need to downgrade the Ultrium 460 drive firmware but an HP service password is required. Please help in getting this password. Calling HP support: tape library serial numbers is not correct...(written on chassis)... we are still waiting and no backup since few days. (we need to downgrade due to media errors after replacing the drive by a new one: problem occurs with old and new cartridges; some ones pass others not....strange behaviour).
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Re: LTT firmware downgrade password required

Try to get the serial number from the web GUI.

You need to contact HP support to get the password. BTW, I doubt if the downgrade solves your problem.

Hope this helps!

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Richard Bickers
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Re: LTT firmware downgrade password required

Please send your request to and we will send you a password to downgrade your firmware.

Having said that, I also don't believe the firmware version is your issue. The firmware is very robust in these drives (and has been for many years) and the changes are only to make further reliability improvements (e.g. as we learn more about the specifics of the mechanism in customer use) and for new features used by some of the applications. Going backwards is not something we recommend - which is why it requires a password...

You should be able to get the serial numbers from LTT - they'll be in the support ticket. These are read directly from the device.

It's a bit of a worry that they don't line up with those on the chassis? Where did you get your library from?

Strange behaviour is often caused by contamination. Please check the installation for printer dust, construction dust, air vents blowing straight into it, smokers... The drives are very good with organic dust but the man made stuff can be very serious. Just try rubbing your finger down the inside of the chassis - see what comes off.

Good luck. Richard.
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