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Libcenter for TL891 firmware

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Mike Carter_4
Occasional Contributor

Libcenter for TL891 firmware

Can anyone tell me how I use this? Installed on an NT 4 server, there's no readme file and I can't connect to anything with it...Help please?
Andrzej Kowalik
Honored Contributor

Re: Libcenter for TL891 firmware

Short manual :))
1) Copy the firmware image into c:\LibCenter on the host p.c. or laptop.

2) Connect the DB9 serial cable between the library serial port and an available COM port on the host p.c. or laptop.

3) Start LibCenter 3.1 by clicking on Start, Programs, LibCenter.

4) On the main LibCenter screen, click on Connect.

5) Select the appropriate Port (this is the COM port) you connected the serial cable to.

6) Select Baud 38400, then click OK.

7) Once the connection is established, click on Download.

8) In the "Downloading Data to Library" screen, select Type Flash Image.

9) In the Select window, choose the name and location of the firmware image.

10) Click OK to begin the download process.

11) Follow any on-screen instructions.

12) It is recommended that a power-cycle of the library be performed after the firmware image download has completed.

And remember that during upgrade process you must turn TL89x in update mode.

Mike Carter_4
Occasional Contributor

Re: Libcenter for TL891 firmware

You're alife-saver, thanks muchly1
Mike Carter_4
Occasional Contributor

Re: Libcenter for TL891 firmware

Thanks for your help, all is clear!