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Life span of DLT tapes

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Life span of DLT tapes

We currently run a Grandfather, Father, Son scheme and our son tapes have come up with the error "E3714 Unable to write to media - EC=Unrecoverable Data Error".

Does anyone know the life expectancy of these tapes when written to on a weekly basis. The tapes are approximately 2 years old now and we have tried reformatting before using again and this sometimes solves the problem.
Angus Crome
Honored Contributor

Re: Life span of DLT tapes

DLT III and IV types;

about 350 overwrites or 36 Months of average use. It sounds like you use them a bit more than average, however, you certainly haven't reached the 350 overwrites in only two years.

I have some DLT's in my cycle which are coming up on 4 years with a 6 week retention period. I probably lose ~three tapes out of 600, per month.
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