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Lynx External C1556 12/24 SCSI Termination

Robert Bathurst
Occasional Visitor

Lynx External C1556 12/24 SCSI Termination

I just bought one of these external DDS-3 in used condition.

The HP OEM label for this unit is VL-05754. It has a C1554A drive in an external case, and has two 50 pin SCSI ports on the back. The case is wide and flat, and looks like the DDS-4 drive as per the picture I have attached.

Anyway, my rather basic question is this - which port is SCSI-Out and which one is SCSI-In. I know that HP's own branded units usually have the SCSI-Out on top and SCSI-In on the bottom, but seeing as this case is a bit unusual I didn't want to jump to any conclusions before I stuck the terminator on.



Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Lynx External C1556 12/24 SCSI Termination

This looks like a dds3 (DAT24) in a oem box.
the dds3 have a narrow scsi bus (50 pins)
Usualy HP do not have a specific in/out dedicated connector, and I doubt that this box have one, because usualy inside you have a Y cable, so it is not important where you hook up the host and where the Terminator, important is that you have the terminator at the end of the bus.
Remember also that the dds3 is a SE device, so you need a SE terminator, and your HBA sould support SE (usualy all LVD support SE)