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MSL 2024 3.1 firmware ?

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John McNulty_2
Frequent Advisor

MSL 2024 3.1 firmware ?

Hi. Can someone point me at where I can download the latest 3.1 firmware please. I've been going round and round HPs storageworks and support web sites and can't find it. The closest I've got is the (c00911198) Support Document, which points me to copies of L&TT. I can't use L&TT though as the systems in this rack are not allowed access to the internet. So I need to get the firmware from elsewhere and load it from Command View MSL.

This was a defective part that a (UK) HP engineer has since replaced. The original MSL 2024 had Firmware 3.00 / 1.70e and the one he's replaced it with has 2.40 / 1.66e. Command View MSL now reports the tape device as an "Unsupported Drive".

Thanks in advance.

Efrain Valencia
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL 2024 3.1 firmware ?

Hello John:

You can use this FW bundle for L&TT

This way you can download and install L&TT in the server and then manually include the FW files for the MSL

Hope this will help you.

-- Efrain Valencia
John McNulty_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL 2024 3.1 firmware ?

Thanks Efrain. Just what I needed.