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MSL 2024 HP Storage works

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MSL 2024 HP Storage works

The unit gives an error code as follows:
Drive Comm. Err Code F1:00

It failed during a backup job and attempts to
stop start it have failed.. Powered the unit down as a last resort and it comes up with the above error.
Does anyone know what this means or where the error code listings are located?
Any help would be a great help.


John W

Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 2024 HP Storage works

You can get the general troubleshooting steps and solutions from "Solutions from HP experts" available at

If you follow the library error/event code links, you would get to the error /event code listing, their descriptions and respective solutions. You would see the details of the error code F1:00 therein.
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Re: MSL 2024 HP Storage works

That's great : Followed the link and got a result..

Thank you
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Re: MSL 2024 HP Storage works

hi john, you may assign points to appreciate those who have manage to help. :)