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MSL - 2024 Not Ready, Not Connected

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MSL - 2024 Not Ready, Not Connected

Hey everybody,


I've been working with an MSL 2024 and I am running into an issue connecting it to a DL380 G7. The Tape Library is connected via a SAS cable (4 to 1) to the DL380 using a P212 Smart Array controller. Upon boot up the P212 shows no virtual drives attached nor does it say anything about potentially having a Tape drive or CD rom drive attached. On the SAS cable, I originally had it connected to SAS0 but I have also tried SAS1 ( I have yet to try SAS2 or SAS3). I've tried various reboot patterns and I have also upgraded to the lastest driver software for the P212 controller to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? Could my controller be bad? How can I determine what component could be bad (P212, MSL 2024 drive, cable?).


Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks in advance. 

Valued Contributor

Re: MSL - 2024 Not Ready, Not Connected

Bad P212 Smart Array card. We replaced everything. This was the last piece.