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MSL 2024 with Ultrium 2 and HP St.Works L&TT problem

Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

MSL 2024 with Ultrium 2 and HP St.Works L&TT problem

We have one of these robots with a single lTO 2 drive in it, which we are putting into use these days, but as we have a bit of a problem getting our Backup SW to cooperate, I decided to run a test on it...

So I fired up the HP StorageWorks Library & Tape Tool (v4.1 for W2K server) and started testing.
The test of the library itself went fine, no problems detected, so I decided to test the tape drive, too...

lTO Drive assessment went fine, even if it estimated 292197 minutes completion time...
Connectivity also worked...
So I decided to go 'all out' and run the Read/write Stress Test...
I made certain that there was a tape in the drive, and started the test. It warned me that any data on the tape iN the drive would be erased and gave me the option whether to continue or not.
As we have yet to perform a backup on this library, and all the tapes are new... I continued...

Guess what the Farkin! program did...

And no, it was NOT returned to the slot it was retrieved from...

Unless someone knows of a way to get the tape back into either the drive or a slot remotely, I'm now looking forward to a total of 4 HOURS of travel...
(1 Hour driving and a half-hour ferry, each way + slack )

So the questions are:
1. Any tips to save me from the trip?
(No, there are no 'computer savvy people at that location I can ask to go and replace the tape. We bought the robot because we couldn't even get them to change a normal tape... )

2. Why is a program designed to test tape libraries set to eject tapes like that?

3. And where do I send the bill for my travel expenses?
Orjan Petersson
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL 2024 with Ultrium 2 and HP St.Works L&TT problem

If you have configured the IP address of the library you can use the remote management interface and your favourite browser to remotely move media.
See ch. 4 of the user guide for more info:

Take care,
Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: MSL 2024 with Ultrium 2 and HP St.Works L&TT problem

The RMI couldn't free it up, either...

It took a power-cycle to make the drive realize that it still had a tape inserted.
(And no, the RMI can't do a power-cycle)

Now I just need to get Veritas Backup Exec to co-operate... (Just scrubbed the server for all traces of the previous install, and waiting for a chance to reboot it)