MSL 3040


MSL 3040

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need to get the MIB files for MSL tape 3040. any guidance ?
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The MIB isn't MSL specific. It is the standard HPE NetCitizen MIB that most of the tape libraries use.

Currently the SNMP traps are handled by the MIB file which is available in with the HPE SIM software. The MIB file available by default in HPE SIM can be used for tape libraries. The filename is hpnetctz.mib.

The MIB is also automatically installed with HPE-SIM so if you have it you can just browse to your "mibs" directory and look for hpnetctz.mib

Where can the customer get the file? In any server where the HPE SIM is installed customer can navigate to the following path : "$drive letter$:\HPE\Systems Insight Manager\mibs". For example the default path would be like ::

C:\HPE \Systems Insight Manager\mibs

Configuring HPE SIM for the library

The library uses the HPE NetCitizen MIB, which is supported by HPE SIM 7.4 and newer versions, and many other applications. To detect the library using a remote management application, such as HPE SIM, first add the IP address for the management system as an SNMP target. SNMP queries are only accepted from configured targets.

To configure the library for use with HPE SIM:

  1. From the RMI, add the HPE SIM management station as an SNMP target.

  2. If the library address is in an HPE SIM automatic discovery IP address list, the SIM management station will detect the library at the next scheduled scan.

To configure HPE SIM for manual discovery:

  1. In the HPE SIM toolbar, click Options, Discovery.

  2. Click the Manual tab.

  3. Enter the library IP address or system name.

    SIM 7.4 will automatically detect the system type and product name.

    Hope  this helps!
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Re: MSL 3040


you can find it to download under "Configuration > Network Management > SNMP" on web management GUI.