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Re: MSL 4048 LTO6 4 Drive, configure logical library

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MSL 4048 LTO6 4 Drive, configure logical library

Thanks all for your help.

I've a Tape Library MSL 4048: 4 (LTO 6) Drives, FC connection to SAN switch.

Right now only 1 host (Server A) using it via FC connection, all 4 Drives are zone to Server A.


I want to another Server B can also using this Tape Library to do backup, I san the installaion guide, it can be configure Logical Library.

I would like to know more the concept of logical library, how it works? also zone all 4 drives to both 2 host?

how to prevent tape not beging used between these to backup server A and B.

Much appreciated if you have details on the above questions?

Thanks a lot.








Re: MSL 4048 LTO6 4 Drive, configure logical library

A library with multiple logical libraries is often called a partitioned library.  When using two completely independant backup applications on the same library the only way to keep them from conflicting is to 'partition' the library which creates two logical libraries.  Each of the logical libraries in the 4048 will have exclusive access to 24 of the slots and 2 of the tape drives.  The other slots/drives are not accessible.

You would want to zone your top two drives to one of the servers and the bottom two drives to the other server then create two partitions in the library, rescan your servers, and each server should see a 2 drive 24 slot tape library.

If you want both servers to have access to the entire library then there are two options:

1) Use an application that coordinates two backup servers using the same tape library.  Many of the more full featured backup applications have such a feature which may be called something like 'SAN backup'.  This is the highly preferred option.

2) If you have no choice but using two independant applications but need both to have full access to the library then you zone the drives to both applications and manually configure the applications so that they only use the library during a time window which does not overlap with the time window assigned to the second server.  Even then some backup applications don't work correctly as they will constatly monitor the library and actions taken by the second server cause errors in the application on the first server.  In that case you have to try complicated steps like creating rules to start/stop the backup services outside the time windows so this model is not recommended.

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Re: MSL 4048 LTO6 4 Drive, configure logical library

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for your details information. I'll try to create 2 logical library first.

Thanks again.