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Re: MSL 4048 Mechanical Block Error 8A 45

Eric N Thompson
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MSL 4048 Mechanical Block Error 8A 45

I was importing and labeling new tapes when the robotic library went offline and displayed this error message on the main screen. I am using it with Symantec Backup Exec 11D. The error has has been blinking for 2 days but the library seem to be working as my incrementals have ran with no errors. What does this error mean?
Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL 4048 Mechanical Block Error 8A 45

That is an error code for unable to pull a tape completely into the transport. This error often is caused by something other than faulty robotics like a tape with a label on top of it or some other reason the tape is hanging in the storage slot.

Following an error the next move request will cause the library to recalibrate and attempt to perform the next move. If that is successful the library will keep right on running but the failure stays in the history.

You can reset the library to clear the error indicator and you should check the tape that was being moved when the error occurred. If you can't find anything that's causing the tape to stick in the slot put the tape in/out of the slot a few times and ignore the failure unless it keep happening.
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Re: MSL 4048 Mechanical Block Error 8A 45

This can be also caused due to misalinged Magazine as well to pull the magazine out and push is back properly and then run a wellness test
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