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MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration

Super Advisor

MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration

Hi All,

Iam new to this storage site hope with all genius people contribution i can solve this problem.

My company bought a new MSL 5000 series disk library two year back, It is plugged ON but not link to HP-UX PARISC 11v1 servers (total 4). Due to licence problem.

I heard that with basic express edition i can start taking backup in this library.

IF YES : Which software i need to install to manage this library functionally.

I appreciate your help from scratch level configuration.

T(ogether) E(very one) A(chive) M(ore)
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration

Well an MSL5000 is a tape library to start with ;-)

Does your library have an NSR (FC bridge) in it? If not, it's going to be tough to share amongst 4 servers.

If it does have an NSR, then everything (library and servers) should be connected to a SAN fabric that is properly zoned to allow connectivity.

Once you get to that point HPUX should see the devices and with no extra licenses you should indeed be able to use basic HPUX utilities to get data to and from the library.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration

If you con't have a fibre channel connect MSL 5000 then you can still back up 4 servers but you will have to have software running on the server that is connected to the library to pull the data over the network.

The easiest way to backup HP-UX over the network is to mount the other systems as NFS drives and then you can use any local backup utility.

If you use the HP-UX native utilities like tar/dd/mt/mtx you can run a backup but it's fairly manual.

Data Protector Express doesn't support HP-UX if that is the software you were thinking of. The standard version of Data Protector does support HP-UX and also supports network backup with media agents running on the remote servers. Backup performance is poor with network backup but it's better than having a tape library sitting there collecting dust.
Super Advisor

Re: MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration


Sorry for not reply at the earliest,

As i said above tape library ON(up) & running but not configured or nor linked to the servers for taking backup,

Today findings are:

*10 Base T cable attached
*Channel FC cable attached
*Serial cable attached
*Library controller cables attached
*Power cable.

My Question is how i investigate to know that this library software configured to my unix servers and the media which can be used easily to backup my FS,NFS oracle backup file in it. without any license issues.

Have a lovely day :)
T(ogether) E(very one) A(chive) M(ore)
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 500 series - HP Storage Work - Configuration

OK. As a first step, you'll need to connect to the fibre channel switch(es) to which the library and servers are connected, and see if there's a zoning configuration in place, which will allow the servers to see the NSR in the library.

Useful commands on the switch are "switchShow" which will show you the WWNs of the connected devices, and "cfgShow" which will show you the zoning configuration.

Hope this helps,