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MSL 5000 library and firmware update

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MSL 5000 library and firmware update

I have a problem with 2 * MSL5030 tape library they are set up in master and slave mode with PSM unit ant the master library have fiber channel card. I have firmware upgrade all the drivers but I cant upgrade library firmware to 4.21, the library are in firmware version 4.08, I have tray to use LTT with no luck, both from the unix machine and also from my PC, I always have firmware failed, Then I tried to connect with mslutil from my pc but I always have cannot connect to target, then I tray to firmware upgrade form the web interface and also with no luck. So what can I do now???? What is wrong here.

Robert Hazel
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSL 5000 library and firmware update

Did you attempt to update to the master library or the slave library?

What does LTT state in the GUI when the firmware download fails?

If you can, send a screen shot to me at Please attach the event logs from C:\Program Files\HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\logs
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 5000 library and firmware update

Just to update anyone interested, the LTT firmware update from the laptop failed because the fibre router was still on the SCSI bus at a conflicting ID (7).

The web interface update failed because it requires a .bin firmware file to be copied into the /upload directory (via ftp). We (hp) are not currently distributing the .bin file.

The LTT unix update failed due to a firmware bug updating master/slaves from 4.08 to 4.21. We are still looking into the root cause.

A workaround for updating to firmware 4.21 with master/slaves is as follows:

1) Turn off the slave(s).
2) Update firmware on the master.
3) Turn on the slave(s).
4) Use Maintenance -> Flash Slaves to copy the firmware to the slave(s).
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