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MSL 5026, 2 drives , 2 hosts (each to one host) Backup Exec

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MSL 5026, 2 drives , 2 hosts (each to one host) Backup Exec

we plan to configure a MSL 5026 library with 2 drives (sdlt) and 2 hosts (each drive is directly connected to one host)
The MSL Library Device can be seen from the first host only and works good with Backup Exec 8.6. and Tape Library Option.
Now we want to configure the 2nd host also with Backup Exec in use with the same library.
Does anyone have experiences in that issue?
Are there any conflicts? how to manage and control the library from the 2nd host without having a direct connection to it since this one is used by the first host.

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Vincent Fleming
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Re: MSL 5026, 2 drives , 2 hosts (each to one host) Backup Exec

How this works is that the host with the library robotics moves tapes for the second host - it coordinates access.

Look in your Backup Exec documentation for how to configure this - it's a common configuration, particularly when using a SAN.

The host with the robotics is usually called a "master". The master will tell the slave system when it can start a backup.

If you can't find it in the documentation, post again.

Good luck,

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