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MSL 5026 and Media not found problems

Occasional Contributor

MSL 5026 and Media not found problems

Hi ,
I have a problem that I have been trying to solve for a while on an EBS setup and I wonder if you can help me out or point me to some place that I can get assistance?

2 DL380 Clustered
1MSA 1000 Unit
2/8 el Switch
MSL 5026

We have connected the setup and everything went well initially --Device Manager detected the NSR ,HBA cards and tape drives within the MSL 5026. We did an initial backup using NT Backup and it worked
Now if we try a backup still using NT Backup , it asks for the previous successful backup tape cartridge "media created on the last successful date" and then later comes up with an error "media not found". It does this continuously even if we select new media!

Have you encountered such a problem? if you have what solution path do you suggest?

Thanks and have a nice day.