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MSL 5026 and Veritas 9.1

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MSL 5026 and Veritas 9.1

- Disabled

I get this as an identification under the Robotic Library/Compaq1 device in the Veritas BU Exec Devices tab.
Submitted backup jobs also do not run or report errors, they simply go into the Job Monitor and that's it???

Does anyone know how to configure the drives??
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Re: MSL 5026 and Veritas 9.1

It's Windows server 2003 Standard and the device driver is correctly loaded and seen as an MSL5000 series Medium Changer
David Ruska
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Re: MSL 5026 and Veritas 9.1

It sounds like the drive is not being recognized.

Was the backup solution working up until now and stopped, or is this a new install and/or new library?

Do you have DLT or SDLT drive(s)?

You should be able to see the drive(s) in device manager under "tape devices" (not "medium changer").

Can you install HP Library & Tape Tools and see if it can find and associate the drive with the library?
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