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MSL 5026S2 Library Modes

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Adrian Parker
Occasional Contributor

MSL 5026S2 Library Modes


I couldn't find in the online guides how the MSL 5026S2 (2 x SLDT 160/320) will operate in the various sequential modes, would it be as follows:

Sequential Drv0: Uses all 26 slots for Drive 0
Sequential Drvn: Uses all 26 slots for specified drive 'n'
Sequential Split: Uses slots 0-12 for Drive 0 and slots 13-25 for Drive 1

Thanks for any assistance.

Tim Schaffer
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 5026S2 Library Modes

That is absolutely correct.
"This option enables the setting of the library robotics operating mode to Random, Sequential DLT0, Sequential DLT1, or Sequential Split. Random is the normal operating mode which affords complete host control of the library robotics. The Sequential modes are locally controlled modes. Sequential DLT0 begins with any cartridge loaded into DLT0. The Base Module monitors the status of DLT0, and when the cartridge is unloaded by the host, it loads the next cartridge in magazine numerical order. This operation continues to cycle until all of the cartridges have been loaded. Sequential DLT1 is the same, except that the cartridges are loaded into DLT1. Sequential Split mode provides two simultaneous sequential modes. Cartridges 0 through 12 are loaded sequentially into DLT0; cartridges 13 through 25 are loaded sequentially into DLT1."