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MSL 5052 S2

Paul DeVincentis
Occasional Advisor

MSL 5052 S2

I have a MSL5052 S2 robot attached via SAN. I have a HP DL580 server also attached to the SAN runing Win 2003 Ent Svr and Backup Exec for Windows. For some reason the server does not see the tape drive any longer. The NSR says the changer is up as well as both tape drives. I attempted to re-install the Symantec device drivers but no success.
Any help would be appreciated.
rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL 5052 S2

Hello Paul - sounds like a mapping problem on the NSR, or maybe zoning ? - I'm not sure if you've lost the entire library, or just one drive

First make sure the NSR fibre port, and the DL580 HBA(s) can talk to each other - try connecting to the switch(es) and ensure they are both fully logged-in, and have an entry in the nameserver table. Make sure that the zoning allows them to "see" each other.

If this is OK - check the mapping on the NSR.
If you've not done this before, it can get complicated (depending on your site's configuration). At least one HBA WWID on your DL580 should be listed on the left-hand section of the NSR "mapping" GUI screen. Is it possible that the NSR has been "factory defaulted", or replaced ? - in which case the mappings will have been lost.

If its just one drive you've lost - it could also be a mapping problem, or it could be that Backup Exec has lost visibility. Backup Exec "tracks" drive serial numbers, so if the drive has been replaced, you will need to re-add it from the "devices" screen. An easy way to check for this is to see if the W2K3 Device Manager has all the drives listed. If it has, then it's most probably a Backup Exec issue.

If you think it may be a mapping issue - post the NSR mapping screen display.

Hope this helps
Paul DeVincentis
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL 5052 S2


Thanks for the reply. I think you are on to something. Right now, under Device Manager, the server does not list a medium changer or a tape drive. I will look at the NSR mapping forum.