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MSL 6000 & D.P. 5.5


MSL 6000 & D.P. 5.5

We recently purchased and installed an HP MSL 6000 Tape Library and connected it to an RP8420 HP-UX 11.11. HP installed the Tape Library and the O/S picked up that changes. I go to D.P. 5.5 and autoconfigure device and all it adds the Tape Library as a device. I have D.P. try to check/scan a slot, i.e. slot 1, and D.P. returns the following error: [90:59] : /dev/rmt/3mn Cannot open exchanger control device ([6] No such device or address).

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 6000 & D.P. 5.5

Do you have the "schgr" device driver compiled into your kernel?
Go into sam-> kernel configuration -> modules
and add it in you will be prompted to agree to rebuild the Kernel - say Yes.

When the box reboots it should pick up the library robot ( if not an "insf -e" will fix it - at the moment it is being addressed as a tape drive - that is where the problem lies.

Rescan within DP for the device to use as the library robotic - it should turn up as /dev/rac/cXtYdZ.

Hope that helps - please click "Thumbs up" for Kudos if it does
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