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MSL 6030, 6060 & Sun L8 / DL 380 G3 Hardware Configuration


MSL 6030, 6060 & Sun L8 / DL 380 G3 Hardware Configuration

Hi, i have some questions regarding my backup server configuration. We have a DL 380 G3 with 2.5 GB RAM and (2) 2.8 GHz CPUs. The Server also has (2) U320 dual channel SCSI HBAs. We have connected to this server the following: One Sun L8 (it has one LTO2 Drive). One MSL6030 with (2) LTO2 Drives and finally an MSL6060 with (2) LTO2 drives and one LTO3 drive. The L8 is connected to the External SCSI port of the DL 380 G3. All the others tape drives all connected to the rest of the U320 ports.

Is this too much for just one server? Should i buy another backup server to split the tape drives between two servers?

The server has two GB NIC Cards. They are configured in switched assisted load balancing. If i buy a third NIC, will that increase the performance of my backups?

We are also planning to install a fourth LTO3 drive in the MSL6060.

Any recomendation would be great.
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 6030, 6060 & Sun L8 / DL 380 G3 Hardware Configuration


I would say that you have A LOT going on... on one server. If it were up to me, I would look into getting a second server. Sure you can add another NIC or dual NIC, but at some point, you will not be able to get any more performance nor will you be able toreduce your backup window. Moving to a second backup server should elieviate some congestion issues, if if they are un=realized at this point. It should also reduce your backup time allowing you to do more with your backup window, if you have such things. Better performance to the tape drives/libraries.

One thing to consider is moving your backup devices to a dedicate SAN allowing you greater bandwidth from your server to your libraries, as well s SAN based backup's for those servers that might have LOT'S of data. (greater than 50-100GB's to backup).

What backup software are you using?

Also, I would consider moving the L8 off of the external port of the server and onto a separate SCSI HBA. You are probably getting bad performance off of it, and may not even realize it. Though you can use Tape Drives on the internal 5i controller, the Smart Array is not the best choice for Tape Operations.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
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Re: MSL 6030, 6060 & Sun L8 / DL 380 G3 Hardware Configuration

Steve, we are using ARCServ 11.5. The speeds that we are seeing right now from all the three libraries varies from job to job. But in general, our backups speeds are between 500 MB/min and 1,800 MB/min. 800 MB/min been the average.

Are these good numbers? should it be more faster? What is the average speed in the industry that we should be getting with this kind of libraries?

Tks again for your help!