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MSL 6030 installation and configuration on windows

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MSL 6030 installation and configuration on windows

MSL 6030

Install the library hardware and Command View TL
Loading the library hardware with up to 10 tape media cartridges
Configuring Interface Manager and Interface Controller(s), and configuring zoning on Fiber Channel switches
Configuring backup server host to recognize device
Conduct installation verification tests such as power-on self test (POSTs) for the product, normal product operation, and that current device software and firmware are loaded.

Any suggestions as to how to go about it.


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Roger Faucher
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Re: MSL 6030 installation and configuration on windows

I guess I would start here:

If you post again, tell us more about your sub-model and environment.

Make a great day!

Make a great day!

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Re: MSL 6030 installation and configuration on windows

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There are no technical support documents for this product relating to "Setup, install, and configure"

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The link posted in your message results this page. Please help with the install setup and configure document link.

SF Hussain

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