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Re: MSL 6060 User Guide

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MSL 6060 User Guide

We have a library MSL6060 with FC. I've downloaded user manual.

But the problem is that it is less a user guide, and more like a description of hardware parts. 


Maybe I can find a description of concepts of use...

Let me give you one excerpt really related to the user's manual:

Select this option to display the Move Media screen (see Figure 43). The Move Media option
lets you remove a cartridge from a tape drive, a data slot in any magazine, or a mail slot in a
left-hand magazine. This option also lets you load and unload tape cartridges from the installed
tape drives.


It isn't very clear for me, what means under "remove a cartridge" vs "unload tape cartridges"

It is used here as synonyms or not?

Exactly now there is no opportunity to get trained in the HP center.

And previously I had to deal only with streamers.

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Re: MSL 6060 User Guide

Use "move media" to " remove a cartridge from a tape drive" to a storage slot or to a mail slot. Once the tape is in a mail slot, you can open this slot and remove the tape from the library.

You may also use "open door", remove the magazine in order to pull the tape from the slot.

Hope this helps!

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