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MSL 6060


MSL 6060

This is Asim Rana from Multilynx (Lahore, Pakistan).I have a HP StorageWorks MSL6060 Tape Library. Following are the problems faced in last few days.
one of the power supply was not functioning and its LED turned red. The touch screen front panel display was also not available due to this problem. The faulty power supply is replaced with the new one (spare p/n 231668-001) but even then the tape library does not switch on. If the faulty power supply is used along with the other functional power supply or the new power supply then the LEDs on the backside start blinking on switching on the power but does not become stable until the power cord for the faulty supply is removed from the receptable. Even when the LEDs become stable nothing is visible on the front panel touch screen, the light of the LCD blinks but nothing is displayed also the small arrow LED on the front does not blink at all. Unfortunately the tape library was not yet configured for the network and currently I am unable to access it by any means. Hence the media cannot be moved to the desired location for any backup or restore purpose. The MSL6060 is connected to a Proliant ML370G3 Server through 2 scsi cables that connect to a dual port scsi controller card in the server. The top 2 tapes are being used and bottom 2 slots are empty. I also installed "hp tape and library tools" utility, it only detects the tape library but there is no way to move the media.
Kindly provide help regarding this matter as soon as possible

Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: MSL 6060

I am not familiar with the MSL6060 but there are some basics checks you could do.

What is the power supply quality like? Do you measure the correct voltage at your wall outlet as is requested by the compliance plate on the back of the MSL unit? If the real voltage from the supply authority is noticeably lower than the stated value then there could be operational problems with the equipment.
(or maybe there is a UPS unit that is misconfigured in the output voltage)

Are there any transportation locks or packing materials still inside the unit, preventing it from powering up?

The library card should have a serial interface (labelled RS232?) that would be accessible from a workstation/laptop with a terminal emulation program (eg Hyperterminal). The correct serial cable should have been included in your kit. Can the controller card be accessed via this method?

(Brisbane, Australia)