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MSL 8096 FC -- Device Type Mismatch --

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MSL 8096 FC -- Device Type Mismatch --

Hi Folks,

We have the following scenario:

- MSL8096 FC LTO4 Library
- Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch
- Data Protector 6/W2k3 Cell Manager
- DP6.0 patches up to date

We are trying to set up the MSL8096, but it is being detected by DP6.0 as an MSL2024 (!). Here is the output from "devbra -dev"

Exch HP:MSL G3 Series Path: "scsi4:0:2:1" SN: "N/A"
Description: HP StorageWorks MSL 2024 G3 Series
Revision: 8.30 Flags: 0x0006 Slots: 0 Drives: 0
Drive(s) SN: "N/A"

Tape HP:Ultrium 4-SCSI Path: "scsi4:0:2:0" SN: "N/A"
Description: HP LTO drive
Revision: H29W Device type: lto [13] Flags: 0x0001

Serials are not displayed either, and running a DP6.0 "Barcode Scan" returns:

[Critical] From: UMA@dp.local "LIB01" Time: 03/01/2008 15:58:36
[90:59] scsi4:0:2:1
Cannot open exchanger control device (Device type mismatch)

Switch zoning is configured to allow traffic between the Cell Manager and library drives. Also the Windows' Device Manager drivers (drive and exchanger) are disabled.

Removable Storage Service is also disabled.

Finally, HP LTT reports that the latest firmware is installed.

Do you have any insight regarding this issue?

Thanks a lot for your comments,

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Re: MSL 8096 FC -- Device Type Mismatch --

Description: HP StorageWorks MSL 2024

Did you had a MSL2024 before or anywhere else on the system?

How about the LTT reports - post it.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSL 8096 FC -- Device Type Mismatch --

Hi Folks,

Nope, the MSL8096 is the first tape device ever connected to the system.

Now, this snippet comes from the DP6.0 HW Compatibility Guide:

In order for Data Protector to recognise all supported devices please make sure that you have the latest Data Protector SCSITab file:
The SCSITab files are available at the following location: Please select on the left side
â Download Drivers and Softwareâ . Select then â Storage Softwareâ and Data Protector 6.0 thereafter. It is located under â Cross
operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.)â .

...and also:

Windows 2003 StorPort port driver is supported with Windows 2003 SP1 class drivers. Windows 2003 tape and robotic class
drivers need to be enabled. Microsoft recommends to update Windows 2003 SP1 STORPORT.SYS
( and to update the tape class driver TAPE.SYS
( Windows Server 2003 with SP1 limits block sizes to 64kb during a tape
transfer. This limitation may limit the performance of high performance tape drives that use larger block sizes. Larger record
sizes are recommended with Ultrium tape devices. In Data Protector larger block sizes are possible up to 1024 Kbytes.

So now the exchanger and the tape are functional, but "devbra -dev" still reports an MSL2024... weird

I'll post the HP LTT output ASAP, thanks for any additional suggestions,