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MSL drive bay cover

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MSL drive bay cover

Can anybody please tell me a part number for half-height drive bay cover used on MSL 2024/4048/8096 etc.?


I have MSL2024 library which came with two drives preinstalled, so there were no covers. I want to remove one of them and close bay with a cover, but can't find it's PN for order. Attempt to speak with local HP office was not successful.

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Re: MSL drive bay cover

That's apparently not an orderable part.


If you can send me your physical address and contact info to thomas.rush     at ,

I can get one sent out to you.


I'm sorry it wasn't easier than this for you.

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Re: MSL drive bay cover

I have a similar problem. It still doesn't seem to exist as orderable spare part, even though for a long time upgrade to LTO-6 was only possible as HH.


Is there any way to obtain these drive covers? Call the factory? Something, anything? We need 2 covers...

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Re: MSL drive bay cover



You can email me a ship to address and I can send you some covers.




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Re: MSL drive bay cover

Is that still possible to get a drive bay cover via postal? I've tried sending a message to Seth Pickett, but her address doesn't exist anymore - probably he/she has left the company.

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Re: MSL drive bay cover

The email address not working anymore is due to the tape products now being part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise which uses email addresses.

Seth is still with Hewlett Packard Enterprise however he has moved to another role and would no longer be the right person to contact.  Please send your information to me and I will get it to the right person.

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