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MSL libraries supported on Primergy servers ??


MSL libraries supported on Primergy servers ??


Has anyone installed an MSL library connected to a Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy server?

We have the opportunity of selling an MSL2024 library but it should be connected to a Primergy RX100 server. I didn't find any compatibility list of Tape Libraries at Fujitsu-Siemens except Quantum/ADIC,Sun/STK libraries re-sold by them.

Is there any experience on HP Tape Libraries attached via SCSI to Fuji servers ???

Important: server already exists at customer site, therefore cannot ask Fuji cause they can retake this lead with their libraries offer.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: MSL libraries supported on Primergy servers ??

HP library use standard interface, so you can connect to any Host using standard interface.

THe MSL2024 may have SCSI or FC interface (an now also SATA) so for compatibility check, just check the EBSMATRIX at and identify those supported with the MSL2024, then just check if those HBA are supported on those server. with this crossmatch, you will be sure all is working.

Have also to says that even if a HBA is not supported, it will probably work with the library, this only mean that it was not tested by HP.

The SCSI and FC HBA follow standards rules to have a large compatibility.
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